Not So Marvellous Doctor Strange

It is not difficult to guess that I am disappointed with the recent Marvel movie, but general review

From the title it is not difficult to guess that I am not very impressed with the recent Marvel movie. First let me go through the things that I liked and enjoyed in the movie. Then we can go to the disappointing things.

Spoiler Warning!

If you haven't watched the movie, and are planning to watch it, don't read further. Go, watch the movie and then come back.

3D Graphics

Graphics are amazing and mind-blowing(should we call mind bending?). It is very pleasing due to a lot of symmetry. Add to it the use of fractals, in shields to matter bending, and to flooring design and the Sanctum window; It just makes it a feast for someone who likes symmetry like me.

Just look at the magical shield in the image below.

In the middle of multiple circles there is a square and another square which is 45 degrees rotated from the first square giving rise to a nice pattern. Especially in the movie as they keep rotating slightly, it looks magical and heroic.

Also bending of the huge buildings in 3D is pictured very well.

Humor and Sacrifice

There is occasional humor in the otherwise serious movie, like WiFi password and "Mister Doctor" that will actually make you laugh out loud. When it comes to sacrifice, in the climax, Doctor saying that everyone else on earth will live as a response when Dormammu says "you will suffer", almost made my eyes teary.

Benedict Cumberbatch

We have seen Benedict Cumberbatch in self-centered roles in Sherlock Holmes(TV Series) and The Imitation Game. He is suited very well for the character and I liked his acting and his part in the humor.

Now, let us go through the fallacies in the movie.

Less explanation of the Magic

There is very less explanation given about the fundamentals of the magic they use and what all is possible. When we compare with Inception, where every little detail is explained, I felt that the scope of this magic is not well-defined. Tomorrow if there is a need, they can keep on adding new capabilities. It just makes it too unpredictable as there are less ground rules. In this way it feels more like Matrix

For instance they never talk about changing the direction of gravity but it is introduced suddenly. The ancient one talks about hearing through time looking for Doctor Strange, what does that even mean?

Let alone explaining the audience, the hero doesn't know what he is stabbed with.

Some things just don't make sense

   I know that making a science fiction movie is a challenge in itself. But some things are just simply missing or inexplicable, at least now. Here are a few things that don't make sense:

  First Librarian can't fight

    There is a scene where the librarian is beheaded to get access to the forbidden information in "The Book of Cogliostro". The librarian seems to do nothing but surrender to death. Why? Why is he not capable of any magic if he is guarding "Confidential" information. Where as the new librarian Wong, seems to perform good magic and to hold a magic relic "Wand of Watoomb".

The ancient one drawing power from Dark dimension

    This is a "Huge No" for me. If we try to rationalize by saying that it is required, then it also makes Kaecilius less of a villain. As The Ancient One draws power from Dormammu, what is it that she offers in return?

Time loop climax

    If Doctor Strange creates a time loop for Dormammu, how does Dormammu know that it is going through the loop? Ain't the fundamental of time loop broken here? I don't buy this at all.

It also made it so easy for the hero. Anyone with the Eye of Agamotto(which our hero got by chance and kept on carrying till the climax, again by chance) and know the spell could have done it.

But as a whole I liked the movie and appreciate the attempt to introduce another hero into the MCU. I expect some of these open doubts are answered in further movies. If you have some counter arguments please share them in the comments below